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Dr. Jamil Baghdachi is a Professor of Polymers and Coatings and the Director of the Coatings Research Institute of Eastern Michigan University and the Guest professor at the Shanghai University of Engineering Science.  He joined the University after spending 20 years at various technical and managerial capacities at BASF, DuPont, ARCO and Exxon Chemical Companies. He is the author/editor of 7 technical books, has published over 75 refereed articles and holds 49 patents. He was the recipient 2017 Mattiello Coatings Award of the American Coatings Association and is the recipient of 2015 American Chemical Society’s Roy W. Tess award in coatings. In 2014 he was inducted the Fellow of the American Chemical Society for his scientific and service contributions, in 2012 he was recognized by the American Coatings Association for many years of industry service and technical contribution and received the Industry Excellence Award from this Association. He has served as the 2014 Chair of the Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering, continues to chair the science and technology committee of the American Coatings Association. Dr. Baghdachi is an active industry consultant with over 100 clients globally and is a frequent keynote and invited speaker in professional technical societies and organizations worldwide. 

Jamil Baghdachi是美国东密西根大学涂料研究所所长,聚合物和涂料专业教授,在中国他是上海工程技术大学客座教授。进入高校前,他在涂料行业有二十多年的工作经验(巴斯夫,杜邦,ARCO,美孚)。到目前为止,他发表了75篇文章,有49个专利,出版7本专业书(包含合作)。获得荣誉如下:

2017美国涂料协会2017 Mattiello涂料奖

2015美国化学学会Roy W. Tess奖

2014美国化学学会 美国化学学会会士

2012 美国涂料协会 工业卓越成就奖

自2014年起担任美国涂料协会聚合物材料和科学主席,美国涂料协会科学与技术委员会主席。 除学术工作以外,Baghdachi教授在涂料工业界也非常活跃,作为技术顾问,他服务过上百家客户,在专业社团和组织做报告, 范围遍布全球。

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